Enjoy a home-cooked meal, just like Mom used to make, available all day, every Saturday & Sunday at Freighters Eatery & Taproom!

Featuring beef brisket, braised with celery, onion, carrots and tomatoes in a red wine reduction. Served with house-made garlic mashed potatoes and a loaf of hearty French bread for just $14.95.

*Brisket dinner is available on a first-come, first served basis.

Chef Jared's Inspiration

When I was young, after church we would head to my grandparents’ house for Sunday dinner. Before church my Grandma would have placed a pot-roast in the oven and we would enter the house a few hours later and be greeted by its enticing savory aroma. This recipe is inspired by those Sunday dinners of my youth, so from my family to yours, enjoy!